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Some of my literary/blogger friends have taken to tweeting their literary links. Not me -- I'm holding out for the blog format, just like McSweeney's is holding out for newspapers. Here's another roundup involving great writers and other finds ...

1. Nature magazine goes way back.

2. Orhan Pamuk's real-life Museum of Innocence.

3. The many facets of Roberto Bolano.

4. The many quirks of William Golding, who originally wanted Simon the Christ symbol to actually witness the arrival of God in his great Lord of the Flies.

5. PopMatters interviews Nicholson Baker.

6. Gregory Maguire, whose Wicked novel is much better than the Broadway musical created from it, joins in on an open publishing experiment.

7. Holocaust victim Horst Rosenthal had the idea for Maus before Art Spiegelman.

8. Jessa Crispin tells it like it is.

9. I had no idea that Stanley Kubrick got "Daisy" from a real singing computer.

10. In my opinion Nick Cave sang the best "Stagger Lee".

11. Bill Ectric presents an excerpt from Tamper.

12. Probably inspired by Clarence Clemens's enjoyable and funny new book Big Man, Bruce Springsteen may write an autobiography. All the newspapers are blubbering about the size of his advance, but why shouldn't he get $10 million? He's that good, and I would love to read this book.

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That Nature magazine is cool!

by Dan on

I found the Golding and Bolano pieces especially fine.

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