Jack Kerouac Character Alias Key

This was sent to me by Eric Trondson-Clinger, who based it on a list Ann Charters wrote for her 1973 biography of Jack Kerouac.

William Burroughs

Town and City - Will Dennison
Vanity of Duluoz - Will Hubbard
On the Road - Old Bull Lee
The Subterraneans - Frank Carmody
Desolation Angels - Bull Hubbard
Book of Dreams - Bull Hubbard

Lucien Carr

Town and City - Kenneth Wood

Neal Cassady

On the Road - Dean Moriarty
The Dharma Bums - Cody Pomeray
Desolation Angels - Cody Pomeray
Big Sur - Cody Pomeray
Book of Dreams - Cody Pomeray

Gregory Corso

The Subterraneans - Yuri Gligoric
Desolation Angels - Raphael Urso
Book of Dreams - Raphael Urso

Robert Duncan

Desolation Angels - Geoffrey Donald

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The Subterraneans - Larry O'Hara
Big Sur - Lorenzo Monsanto
Book of Dreams - Danny Richman

William Garver

Mexico City Blues - Old Bill Gaines

Allen Ginsberg

Town and City - Leon Levinsky
Vanity of Duluoz - Irwin Garden
On the Road - Carlo Marx
The Subterraneans - Adam Moorad
The Dharma Bums - Alvah Goldbook
Desolation Angels - Irwin Garden
Big Sur - Irwin Garden
Book of Dreams - Irwin Garden

John Clellon Holmes

On the Road - Tom Saybrook
The Subterraneans - Balliol MacJones
Book of Dreams - James Watson

Herbert Huncke

Town and City - Junky
On the Road - Elmo Hassel
Book of Dreams - Huck

Randall Jarrell

Desolation Angels - Varnum Random

David Kammerer

Town and City - Waldo Meister

Lenore Kandel

Big Sur - Romona Swartz

Jack Kerouac

Town and City - Peter Martin et al
Vanity of Duluoz - Jack Duluoz
On the Road - Sal Paradise
The Subterraneans - Leo Percepied
The Dharma Bums - Ray Smith
Desolation Angels - Jack Duluoz
Big Sur - Jack Duluoz
Book of Dreams - Jack

Leo Kerouac

Town and City - George Martin

Gabrielle Kerouac

Town and City - Marge Martin

Philip Lamantia

The Dharma Bums - Francis DaPavia
Desolation Angels - David D'Angeli
Tristessa - Francis DaPavia

Michael McClure

The Dharma Bums - Ike O'Shay
Desolation Angels - Patrick McLear
Big Sur - Pat McLear

John Montgomery

The Dharma Bums - Henry Morley
Desolation Angels - Alex Fairbrother

Peter Orlovsky

The Dharma Bums - George
Desolation Angels - Simon Darlovsky
Book of Dreams - Simon Darlovsky

Kenneth Rexroth

The Dharma Bums - Rheinhold Cacoethes

Gary Snyder

The Dharma Bums - Japhy Ryder
Big Sur - Jarry Wagner

Gore Vidal

The Subterraneans - Arial Lavalina

Esperanza Villanueva

Tristessa - Tristessa

Lew Welch

Big Sur - David Wain

Philip Whalen

The Dharma Bums - Warren Coughlin
Big Sur - Ben Fagin

Phil White

Town and City - Jack the Hoodlum

Literary Kicks
Contributed by Eric Trondson-Clinger