Kerouac Periodicals

These are the Kerouac-based periodicals I know of, and one general Beat periodical.


Dharma Beat is affiliated with the Jack Kerouac subterranean Information Society. They're based in Lowell and run a Kerouac celebration there each fall. Attila Gyenis is the editor, and can be reached at

DHARMA beat is published twice a year. Subscriptions (2 issues) are $7, Canada and Foreign is $10 USA. Address is DHARMA beat, PO Box 1753, Lowell, MA 01853-1753 USA.

The Kerouac Connection

The Kerouac Connection has been in print for many years, and has published in-depth research on topics related to Kerouac and his works. There is also a new Kerouac Connection website.

Editor Mitchell Smith sent the following submission guidelines:

Reviews of beat related publications and recording are sought. 1-2 single spaced typed pages. Email me first for approval of the material to be reviewed (save yourself some work this way). A large number of new publications have yet to be reviewed.

Critical writings on Beat Generation texts sought. 4-8 single spaced typed pages. Textual work on Kerouac is preferred but biographical or other criticism also welcomed as well as writings on other Beat figures. News articles also sought on current topics.

Art and photos. Currently we do best with black and white reproductions. Best to mail camera ready art appropriate to 8.5" x 5.5" magazine format. Interested in photos of Beat figures and places as well as artistic work focusing on Beat subject matter or Americana (urban and rural) in the style of Robert Frank.

Poetry. Submit 1-5 poems, prefer 1 page in length. Does not need to be neo-Beat in subject or style (in fact I am getting tired of that). Prefer contemporary detailed realism that describes images with accuracy and insight. Charles Bukowski is a stylistic model here (tho imitation of his subject matter is not desired, be yourself).

Prose. Submit 1-5 single space pages. We cannot use longer prose at this time. May be prose sketches or short stories. We do not seek specifically Beat or Kerouac-inspired work but prefer a focus on American places, characters, and scenes.


Subscriptions are $20 for 4 issues. Sample issue can be obtained for $5. Make checks payable to The Kerouac Connection.

Mitchell can be reached via snail-mail at:

The Kerouac Connection
120 W. Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

or via e-mail at Submissions by e-mail at this address are also very welcome.

Kerouac Quarterly

This is a new one; here's what editor Paul Maher sent me in Feb. 1997 about the premiere issue:

It contains an unpublished drawing by Kerouac on the cover. Inside it has one memoir of a friend of Kerouac, a couple of research essays, three book reviews, some advance notice on upcoming books from Penguin, a review of the new spoken-word tribute to Kerouac disc titled "kicks joy darkness" among other things. The issue is $5.00 (USA) and $7.00 (overseas and Canada): Send submissions and/or money to:

The Kerouac Quarterly
34 North Rd. #7
Chelmsford, Ma. 01824

Moody Street Irregulars

Moody Street Irregulars has now ceased publication. It ran for 28 issues, from Winter 1978 to Fall 1994. Back issues may be available from: Joy Walsh, PO Box 157, Clarence Center, NY 14032, USA.

Beat Scene

Beat Scene is published in England, about 4 times per year. As of early 1999, the latest issue is # 32. In USA, it costs $8 for a single issue or $35 for a 5 issue subscription (this includes airmail postage) -- send payment to D. Hsu at PO Box 105, Cabin John, Maryland 20818, USA. Please make payment out to D. Hsu.

In UK: #16 for 5 issues (#18 elsewhere) -- make payable to M. Ring at 27 Court Leet, Binley Woods, Nr Coventry CV3 2JQ, England.

The Editor is Kevin Ring; address 27 Court Leet, Binley Woods, near Coventry, Warwickshire, England. Email: Tel: 01203 543604.

I've also prepared a list of Books about the Beats, including many about Kerouac.

Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher