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So we lost the Indie and Small Press Books Fair Literary Trivia Smackdown 2.0. Ed Champion has the blow-by-blow (and I do mean blow), though Ed suggests various complicated and equivocational reasons for PEN America's decisive 16-13 victory, and I say there's only one reason: those folks at PEN America know their stuff. They've obviously been taking their gingko biloba as well.

It was a great match, and most of all, the well-attended 4 pm event was a fun and lively closer for an inspiring weekend-long celebration of independent publishing in all it's wide, wide variety. The small press operatives who came out of hiding to gather here this weekend include publishers of tall ship art books, self-publishing experimental authors, anarchist publishers, Marxist publishers, erotica publishers, calligraphical craftspeople, and lots and lots of fiction and poetry publishers. Even as the book industry quavers with the economy, these are the publishers who will remain in business. They haven't been stopped yet.
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by TKG on

That's the way the ball bounces
That's the way the cookie crumbles
It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game

Bus stop, wet day, she's there I say
Please share my umbrella
Bus stop, bus go, she stays love grows
Under my umbrella

A great victory still in my book, how many times have I ever seen a Bill Cullen reference? This was the first.

I actually thought the answer was Joe DiMaggio

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