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1. Maybe ... if the New York Times needs to do a better job of managing costs, they can start by not giving us three copies of the New York Times Magazine when they deliver our Sunday paper?

Oh well. At least if Caryn or I make a mistake on the crossword puzzle we'll get a chance to start over. A couple of chances.

And while we're here, a few more links:

2. I really like this Millions article by Noah Deutsch about the word 'trope', which has become a popular meme.

3. Here's a real treasure, though I don't know who has the time to enjoy it all. International Times was a highly influential British underground publication of the hippie era, edited by Miles, aka Barry Miles, who has also written books about the 1960s, the Beat Generation and Pink Floyd. Every single issue is now available online. (There was a time in my life when I would have had both the free time and the desire to read every single page, yes, every single page, of this archive.)

4. Aram Saroyan on Beat America.

5. The New York Times has given Ben Mezrich's Facebook history The Accidental Billionaires a terrible review just on the morning I began reading it. I'm forging ahead anyway, and I'll tell you what I think.

6. O Book Publisher of the Future, tell us about the Handy E-Book Helper *.

(* = Props to anyone who can identify the TV show I am referencing here.)
3 Responses to "Maybe ..."

by xian on

honeymooners, obviously!

but can it core a apple?

Very good, Xian! I just didn't know if anybody still cared about Honeymooners today.

by stevadore on

I love The Honeymooners, but I don't love E-books.

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