Literary New Year’s Resolutions

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The hoopla and hangovers have come and gone, and it is now officially 2007. I'm somewhat in denial about this; mostly I think it should still be 1998 or so. Regardless of my opinions about the passing of the years, however, it's a new year, and it's time to think about those pesky resolutions. Perhaps you've decided that this is the year you're finally going to quit smoking, or maybe you're going to watch more westerns, but unless you're one of those people who don't believe in new year's resolutions, you probably have a few goals for 2007.

But beyond your vow to make friends with your treadmill this year, what sort of literary resolutions have you made? Will you read a book a week? Finally clear your schedule for In Search of Lost Time? Write the novel you've been dreaming of for years? Head down to Kinko's and print your chapbook? Make an effort to get published? Or, like Sienna Miller, are you planning to start a fashion line inspired by the Beats? (I do hope that it'll include Ginsberg beards.)

As for me, well, I'm going to keep reading the classics, because it is my calling. I'm also going to squeeze in some non-classics and work on reading more books that weren't sent to me in the mail by Levi. So, how about you? Spill it.
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by warrenweappa on

Write MoreI want to write more and get something really decent done.

by Billectric on

my resolutionsIn 2007 I will1. Finish my novel2. Not allow the garden gnomes to "get my goat" as they have in the past3. Publish another collection of short stories4. Pinch the phrase, "But no" from Dave Eggers. As in, "You would think I had it all worked out. But no."5. Try to use the word "eschew" once in a while.6. Eschew the bad carbohydrates7. Find out how Dippin Dots are made8. Enter the world of online digital video 9. Exit the world of online digital video with little to show for it10. Badger Levi, Firecracker, and Jamelah into coming to Jacksonville, FL for a big poetry blast

by Billectric on

You can do it!

by danjazz on

so much to do....I want to get through Sodom and Gomorrah (sp?), volume 4 of ISOLT, once and for all. I started writing and publishing poetry again after a long absence and want to write more. I MUST finish my art-marketing book or my publisher will demand his advance back. (I spent it.)I want to stop hating B#sh and move on. I must abandon the idea that I will ever read Finnegan's Wake. I WILL find a way to move my family to Paris.I must get more sleep.

by ragdoll on

Around the World in 52 BooksWell, my own personal challenge is to try and read 52 Books from 52 different countries (Around the World in 52 Books). Considering I only made it to 70 books this year, it'll be the bulk of my reading for sure. So far, I'm at 2, have a list of about 25 more, but am always on the look out for more authors from more countries...

by Billectric on

That's a lot of books from a lot of countries! It's a cool idea, though. Do you read any other languages or do the books need to be translations?

by drplacebo on

Get something publishedGet something published. Keep writing.Keep reading.Finish research for a novel I'm thinking of doing.

by drplacebo on

You should definitely move to France.

by Milton on

If you ever figure out the Dippin' Dots thing, please drop me a line. I'm dying to know how they do that.One word I've always aspired to force into my vernacular is "methinks." It has yet to work, but I'm going to stick with it.

by Thinking Girl on

Getting StartedPro-active resolutions:I would like to learn more about getting published. I am 22 and know how to write, but I know near nothing when it comes to being published. I am also planning on writing something for my University's newspaper, the Indiana Statesman, and co-editing our semesterly literary magazine, The Tonic. I would like to exercise my mind more by reading and researching new things in the broader manner. I would aso like to become more active in my student body at Indiana State University. (*Go Sycamores!)Paint my toe nails a new color every week just for fun. Anti-active resolutions:Abandon my Myspace empire. Abandon my pesky Starbucks habbit. "Start small write?" ;)

by Billectric on

Yes, "methinks" is a good one. Let me know how that turns out. Dippin Dots. Quite a conundrum, indeed. I figure the way to begin is to sample every flavor available. It must involve an apparatus similar to a jet printer, firing some creamy liquid into a weightless, freezing space capsule. Robots gather up the frozen dots and deliver them to Earth via shuttle craft.

by Billectric on

Yeah, MySpace is distracting me from actually writing.

by Billectric on

I heard on NPR this morning that France might vote to make housing a right for every citizen. Another good reason to move there.

by fumb on

Clarion SF Writers' Workshopactually apply for Clarion this year.

by Billectric on

I read up on this workshop and it sounds pretty cool.