The Summer of the Mets
a novel by Levi Asher

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"I suspect that most of us former 15 year olds will recognize themselves here. This book is about being stuck with friends you don't want, reaching out for more, and learning and growing in the process. Reading it was like revisiting the 10th grade, but in a good way. This is a beautiful book."
-- John S. Hall, King Missile III, "Jesus Was Way Cool"

Return to the faraway world of suburban America, mid-1980's. Ronald Reagan is in the White House, Sammy Hagar is in Van Halen, and the Mets are in the World Series. In the midst of it all, two troubled 15-year-olds are trying to fall in love.

Meet Lianne Fahey, a tough-talking small town girl who expresses herself sometimes in art, and sometimes in sudden acts of self-destructive behavior. She changes her clothes and eye color several times a day and her mind nearly as often, and seems to fear nothing but the possibility of her own boredom.

Meet Chris Blomberg, a desperately lonely boy who leaves his upscale Long Island town in a last-chance attempt to break past his disabling shyness and become accepted as a "regular person".

Lianne and Chris find each other, but the explosive emotions they uncover cannot be easily contained. The Summer of the Mets is an honest and heartbreaking story of self-discovery, loss and love - the kind of love that sneaks up and changes you forever.

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