Tiger's Milk

a poetry chapbook by Levi Asher

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36 pages, handbound

Tiger's Milk is a jungle of words. A collection of poems composed between 1995 and 2003, the book deals with issues of dehumanization and violence and asks the question: what happens to us when we begin to internalize the hatred that is mankind's legacy?

Tempered with sly humor, street language, rough rhymes and alternating notes of hope and despair, the eleven poems that make up Tiger's Milk encircle their subject matter in kaleidoscopic fashion. The poet appears as a character in his own fragmented drama, restless, defiant and trapped.

From a meditation on an historic psychology experiment ("Chicken Wire Mother") to a warped riff on "The Honeymooners" ("Garbage Can Symphony: A TV Poem") to a harrowing eyewitness account of the immmediate aftermath of September 11, 2001 ("Sleepless in New York City") and an "instant poem" created from internet search engine queries ("What You're Looking For"), this chapbook is both a collection for the ages and a document as timely and relevant as tomorrow's newspaper.

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Table of Contents:

 1. Chicken Wire Mother: A Dark Exploration
 2. Garbage Can Symphony: A TV Poem
 3. Sleepless in New York City
 4. The Fight
 5. Zero
 6. Pure Aggression
 7. This Is A Poem About Me
 8. A Jpeg War
 9. Black Coffee
10. Rain
11. What You're Looking For

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