True Vintage: Beautiful Book Covers From the 80s

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From the Talking Covers blog, here's a memorial tribute to the trend-setting Vintage Contemporaries line of original paperback books that led the publishing pack in visual freshness during the 1980s. Jay McInerney, Mona Simpson and Raymond Carver all looked great in these uniform cover designs, which vaguely referenced Roy Lichtenstein and emphasized splashy colors and art deco fonts.

This Talking Covers blog post tells the whole story of the Vintage Contemporaries design, which was (it turns out) the work of a graphic artist named Lorraine Louie. These cover reproductions sure do bring back memories for me! The books were not actually "vintage" when they came out, but many of them are today.

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by Dawid Michalczyk on

These are beautiful book covers indeed. I love covers like these.

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