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The LitKicks Visibility Program

for writers, artists, musicans, filmmakers and other creative individuals or small publishers

The LitKicks Visibility Program is an easy-to-use advertising program for small publishers or creative individuals with brilliant artistic works to share and a desire to publicize these works to the readers of the LitKicks website.

This program allows you to advertise your works on LitKicks for an entry fee of $75. The setup process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. The ads are created from text fields entered by you. You can also provide a small, square graphic image to illustrate your product, but no graphic design skills are required to create an ad.

For $75, your ad will be placed in the LitKicks ad rotation until it has been shown at least 10,000 times. To see samples of the formats in which the ads appear, go here. To view all the ads that have run so far, go here. If you want to hear more about this offering, please read this interview with LitKicks founder Levi Asher.

How To Get Started

If you would like to gain visibility for your own creative works of any type, here's how you can become part of the LitKicks Visibility Program:
STEP 1: Describe Item

Using a simple online form, enter the following information regarding the item you wish to advertise: name of item, short descriptive phrase, name of artist, URL for item, your email address and category of item (book, CD, videotape, website, etc.).

STEP 2: Review

LitKicks will review your entry to make sure that the entries are filled out correctly and that your work seems to represent an actual publication. You will receive an email from LitKicks describing the final steps in detail.

STEP 3: Payment and Optional Graphic

Pay $75 using the PayPal URL included in the email you have received. Optionally, also reply to the email attaching a graphic image to be included with your ad. Instructions will be included in the mail. The image must be a 90 x 90 pixel JPEG.

All Set!

Your ad will be placed in the LitKicks rotation immediately.

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