June 1995

Beat News: June 6 1995

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The Kerouac Conference at NYU is going on right now; please read my report if you want to hear about all the fist-fights and ego flare-ups (as well as a fun anti-conference event staged by a literary protest group, the Unbearables, of whom I am now an enthusiastic supporter).

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Ringside Seat: Gerald Nicosia vs. Ann Charters at NYU

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June 6, 1995

The Writings of Jack Kerouac conference at New York University began on June 4 as scheduled -- and that was about the last thing that went the way it was supposed to. The first sign that events were spinning out of control came when the Unbearables, an inspired and largely disorganized group of angry writers planning to protest the complacency and dullness of the NYU event, got more publicity in publications like the Village Voice (and in web sites like Literary Kicks) than the official conference got.

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Beat News: June 23 1995

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I forgot to announce this earlier, but the third episode of Enterzone is out. Enterzone is marginally beat-related, but that's really just an excuse -- I'm announcing it here because I like it, and also because I'm in it. Martha Conway's Drugs is one of my favorite stories in this episode.

Another marginally beat-related thing I like a lot is Malcolm Humes' work on the web. Malcolm does the William S.

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