Beat News

Beat News: November 21 1997

1. Proving once again that I am the single slowest web designer who ever lived, I have just now finally finished my memorial tribute to William S. Burroughs. It's called Sliced Bardo, and it includes spliced-in material from Lee Ranaldo, Robert Creeley and Carolyn Cassady, as well as a touching description of a Buddhist-inspired after-death ceremony held in Burroughs' honor, written by Patricia Elliott.


Beat News: September 29 1997

1. I think I've been to too many Beat events in large lecture halls and sterile auditoriums lately. Take, for instance, the case of jazz musician David Amram, who back in the old days used to jam with Jack Kerouac at poetry readings.

Beat News: August 3 1997

I just heard the news that Burroughs has died. More on this here.


Beat News: July 2 1997

1. I like almost any movie with Steve Buscemi in it. He was Mr. Pink in 'Reservoir Dogs' (remember this line? "It's the world's smallest violin, playing just for the waitresses"). I'd first noticed him a couple of years earlier, playing the guy who gets shot in the foot in Jim Jarmusch's 'Mystery Train' (Joe Strummer of the Clash is in those scenes too).

Beat News: May 20 1997

Sorry I've been away for a while. Took a much-needed "sanity break" away from cyberspace.

1. I haven't reminded you recently to check out Ken Kesey's site. You really should, because Kesey is a vibrant and original thinker with a great sense of humor, and he's also got a good official site, run by his son Zane Kesey.

Beat News: April 11 1997

This has been a frustrating week for me, because my many life responsibilities -- mainly my job, my family, and also an anthology of web fiction I've been working on that's way past deadline -- made it impossible for me to devote as much time as I wished I could to coordinating Allen Ginsberg memorial information, creating my tribute page and updating its list of URL's, and, mainly, answering the hundreds and hundreds of touching and fascinating emails I received (which I'm

Beat News: April 5 1997

Ginsberg died this morning. Go here for more on this.


Beat News: April 4 1997

The latest word is that Allen Ginsberg had a stroke or some other serious complication, following the news yesterday that he is dying of cancer.

Before this, I'd heard that he was back at home but having a rough time ... and writing poems, meditating and meeting with friends. A guy named Sean wrote to me with a URL for an Allen Ginsberg Prayer Page.

Beat News: April 3 1997

I just heard some sad news: Allen Ginsberg has been diagnosed with an inoperable case of liver cancer. Doctors expect the disease will be fatal within four to twelve months. More detailed information is available at Wired News.

Beat News: February 28 1997

1. There's an excellent article in the latest issue of Shambhala Sun (a Buddhist journal emanating from somewhere near Naropa in Boulder, Colorado) about the mountain cabin where Jack Kerouac was a fire lookout during the mid 1950s. He wrote about these spiritual retreats in the novels 'Dharma Bums' (which ends with him ascending Desolation Peak) and 'Desolation Angels' (which begins with him descending it).