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Beat News: January 29 1997

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1. As unbelievable as this may sound, we are about to see a new book by J. D. Salinger. Granted, J. D. Salinger is not a Beat writer, and even trashed the Beats occasionally as crude pretenders (I think he was jealous of their fame, which came a few years after his). But in terms of sensibility and style, I think books like "Catcher in the Rye" and "Franny and Zooey" have an obvious proto-Beat essence.

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Beat News: January 7 1997

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1. Just in from Rykodisc: the very cool track list for a new Jack Kerouac tribute CD, due to be released March 18. Check out this lineup! The name of the CD will be "KICKS JOY DARKNESS."

Morphine - Kerouac (original piece)
Lydia Lunch - Bowery Blues
Michael Stipe - My Gang
Steven Tyler - Unpublished dream: "Us kids swim off a gray pier..."
Hunter S. Thompson- Ode To Jack (original piece)
Maggie Estep & the Spitters - Skid Row Wine

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Beat News: December 13 1996

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1. Allen Ginsberg will be appearing on a HotWired chat moderated by my cyber-buddy Steve Silberman on Monday, Dec. 16 at 4 pm Pacific Time. Check here for more info. Warning: you MUST have RealAudio installed for HotWired chats. Also, if you miss the chat on Monday, you can listen to the RealAudio file later.


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Beat News: November 7 1996

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1. Whoa! I just heard Gary Snyder will be reading at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square (17th St. around Park Avenue) here in New York City Friday November 8 at 7:30. I'm really psyched, as I've never seen him read before. To other New Yorkers out there: this is not likely to be often repeated, so don't miss the chance.


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Beat News: November 4 1996

Beat Generation News Politics
The news organizations have been hounding me, because everybody is dying to find out who Literary Kicks will endorse in the Presidential election. Well, the suspense is about to end.

First, let me say that there is no clear Beat choice here. I know Allen Ginsberg supports Ralph Nader, predicatably, and Nader does seem to be the only candidate without an ego the size of the Goodyear blimp.

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Beat News: October 21 1996

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1. There are a ton of new Beat-related books and other publications out there. I mean a TON. I always try to keep my "Beat News" entries short and sweet, but what am I to do? Here's a few highlights:

  • Women of the Beat Generation by Brenda Knight (Conari Press): an excellent, thorough anthology of stories, poems, autobiographical fragments and biographical pieces representing the often-forgotten women who participated in the Beat movement.

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Beat News: October 1 1996

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1. Jesse Crumb, the son of the superb underground cartoonist Robert Crumb, has illustrated a pack of Beat trading cards, published by Kitchen Sink Press and available at good bookstores or comic book shops. The cards depict Beat writers, jazz musicians and other personalities, including some unexpected choices like Babs Gonzales, Miles Davis, Tuli Kupferberg and Mort Sahl. Interestingly, Jack Kerouac is not present but only alluded to, as if to proclaim his holy status.

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Beat News: September 5 1996

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I hate it when the summer ends.

1. Have you ever seen the famous 1965 photo of the crowd of Beat writers outside the City Lights bookstore? The photo was taken by Larry Keenan (here he is, with the photo, and his wife Lisa), and I was pleased to receive email from the photographer himself a few months ago.

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Beat News: August 12 1996

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1. I've mentioned "Wisdom's Maw" before. It's a novel (and a website) by Todd Brendan Fahey about the same real-life characters Tom Wolfe wrote about in the "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test." That book was a work of journalism, but Fahey's book is simply fiction, and this frees him to take us on several interesting tangents.

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Beat News: August 8 1996

Beat Generation New York City News Tributes
1. I just heard that Herbert Huncke died this morning. Huncke was a close friend of William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg during the days of their early adventures together in New York City. He was their prototypical Times Square junkie/hustler connection, the "real thing" that they (especially Burroughs) often tried to emulate.

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