Beat News

Beat News: July 23 1996

1. The Poetry Project has been a positive force in the New York/downtown lit scene for as long as I can remember. The Project runs readings at St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, a beautiful old church that dates back to the days when the East Village was mostly farmland. If you're visiting New York, I'd recommend trying to catch one of these events. How will you know the schedule, you ask? Just check the new Poetry Project website!


Beat News: June 27 1996

1. The Spoken Word Network is an interesting web space devoted to poets, storytellers and performance artists. Their newsletter, Shout!, is running an original interview with Allen Ginsberg. Worth checking out.

2. The LOWELL CELEBRATES KEROUAC gang (Lowell was Kerouac's hometown) is soliciting entries for the annual Jack Kerouac Literary Prize.

Beat News: June 7 1996

Jan Kerouac, the only child of her father Jack, has died at the age of 44. She had been very ill with kidney disease for a long time, and was in an Albuquerque hospital recovering from an operation on her spleen when she died.

Jan lived a difficult life. She rarely met her father, who spent most of his life denying that she was his.

Beat News: June 3 1996

1. Happy 70th birthday Allen Ginsberg!

2. Allen is probably bummed, though, about Timothy Leary's death this past weekend. An interesting piece of info here: one of Leary's last phone calls, a few hours before he died, was to William S. Burroughs. Leary told Burroughs: "I hope someday I'll be as funny as you are."

Beat News: May 7 1996

1. Francis Ford Coppola, according to recent reports, still has vague plans to direct a film version of "On The Road." He'd better hurry, though -- others are moving in on his territory. A movie about an incident in the life of Neal Cassady, for instance, is now in the works.

Beat News: April 16 1996

1. A couple of friends (Christian Crumlish and Briggs Nisbet, editors of Enterzone) went to the San Francisco poetry reading I mentioned below, featuring Gary Snyder, Michael McClure and others, and also attended a similar indoor reading the next day. They wrote a pretty cool report on these events; check it out.


Beat News: April 5 1996

1. I found Anne Waldman's new collection of Beat writings, "The Beat Book," in a bookstore recently. It covers many of the same writers as the other well-known Beat anthology (Ann Charters' "Beat Reader") but with less expository material and a few writers (Joanne Kyger, for instance) who were not included in the Charters book. Seems like an excellent introductory volume.


Beat News: March 15 1996

Wow, I've been away a while. Still recovering from the ordeal of organizing a fiction/poetry reading last month -- it went *great*, by the way, and we're already thinking of doing it again. Here's a bunch of pictures from the event. (I even centered my text on this page, style, just because I've been in a wacky mood and it looks kinda cool.)

Lots of good new Beat stuff out there. Let's see ...

Beat News: February 7 1996

1. If anybody can make it to downtown New York on February 14 (Valentine's Day), my wife Meg and I are arranging a fiction/poetry reading featuring writers who write on the Web. It's at Biblio's, a bookstore/cafe at 317 Church St. (just south of Canal) from 8 to 10 pm. Here's the full list of participants:

Beat News: January 16 1996

1. A Gathering of the Tribes is the online presence of a Lower East Side organization comprising an art gallery, poetry magazine and theatre workshop, among other things. This organization has been a constructive independent force in the downtown arts scene for several years, but the person who founded it, Steve Cannon, may be about to lose the East 3rd Street building that houses the operation.