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And Now For Something Completely Different...

by Jamelah Earle on Thursday, September 18, 2008 11:27 pm

So, what's in your reading queue?

The Obligatory Summer Reading List, Or, What Are You Reading?

by Jamelah Earle on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 05:56 pm

It seems that the thing to do once the weather gets warmer is make lists of must-reads for summer. This is fair enough, though I do have to wonder why I don't see must-read lists for winter, when the latest blizzard has you housebound, because being stuck indoors for fear of getting hypothermia upon venturing outdoors seems like a great excuse for getting a lot of reading done. But maybe that's just me. In any case, as I was perusing my RSS feeds yesterday (which had been piling up -- I no longer seem to have time to read things on the internet now that Arabic owns my life), and I noted several posts and articles from different places with reading picks for the summer. To paraphrase what I told Levi, I don't really get it. Am I supposed to have more time to read now that the weather's warm? Should I be packing a suitcase full of books and heading out to some beach somewhere to court skin cancer and fill my annual quota of chick lit reading? (Another thing -- why are these summer picks often insipid? Like we're supposed to be reading more because what we're reading is dumb?)

What is it about summer that means it's reading time? Is it something ingrained from childhood, that summer means freedom and the ability to read whatever we want to once we're free of the expectations of teachers? Whatever it is, there are a lot of lists out there, and since there are already plenty, I don't feel the need to make another one. Besides, I'm pretty much not reading anything these days other than my Arabic textbook, so it's not like I'm running over with recommendations. I will note that it looks like Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach (that Levi reviewed just days ago) is a popular pick for the season -- I've noted favorable reviews and summer-list status for this one in a few places.

Anyway, since I'm not writing a list of summer must-reads, I thought maybe I could get you to do it. What are you reading this summer? On Chesil Beach? Other stuff? Go on, share your picks and recommendations for the season.

What Are You Reading?

by Jamelah Earle on Monday, August 21, 2006 03:06 pm

It's been awhile since we last asked you to tell us all about what you're reading at present (or what you've read lately, or what you're planning to read very soon), so today seemed like a good time. Now that summer is winding to a close, what books did you take with you on vacation? Read anything good while you were at the beach? Spend time trying to sneak in a few pages of something while you were holed up in your cubicle? (Not that we would ever endorse such behavior. Ahem.)

So, what are you reading? Anything good? Do tell...

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Thursday, April 13, 2006 07:06 am

It's been a while since you've checked in to let us know what's on your reading list lately. Tell us what you're digging into -- maybe some poetry for National Poetry Month? A new release or an old classic? Did you pick up The Da Vinci Code to see if the paperback edition has a secret Scooby-Doo ending? Share your latest reads, reads in progress and the books on your waiting list here. Need a recommendation? We'd be happy to oblige.

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Wednesday, March 1, 2006 07:14 am

We know you've been itching to tell us, so let us in on what's captured your attention lately or what's coming up on your reading list for the month of March. Tell us about your new finds, old favorites -- or get recommendations here.

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Friday, January 27, 2006 08:58 am

(Well, besides the latest scandal expose, of course.) Give us the scoop on your latest picks, pans and plans. Slogging through a tough classic? Discovering a new favorite? Check in here with your latest reads or get some recommendations. And don't try to fake it, because we will find you out and you will face the wrath of Oprah. And no one wants that.

Literary Resolutions: 2006

by Caryn Thurman on Monday, January 2, 2006 05:14 pm

As we're recovering from the holidays and winding down the new year celebrations, the LitKicks team is looking forward to an interesting and busy year in 2006. In addition to our own personal resolutions for the coming year, we thought it would be a good time to ask ... What are your literary resolutions for 2006? Though we definitely want to know what you are reading, we also want to know what you have brewing on a larger scale in the literary realm. Are you planning to re-read some favorite authors? Finish some books that you've been struggling with? Or perhaps you're hoping to branch out and experience new genres and styles. Maybe you'll be setting a quantitative goal, Readathon style, such as 52 books in 52 weeks or a more arbitrary and boastful 75. (Remember, if you shoot for a large number, make sure you have someone spotting you -- for safety's sake.)

For those of you more focused on writing than reading, you most likely have some specific resolutions for the year. Are you planning to finish a manuscript? Self-publish a novel or chapbook? Start a new project or experiment with a different style? Maybe you'd like to join a poetry reading or put on one of your own.

Here at LitKicks we have a few resolutions and plans for the new year. Of course we are set on continuing to provide a place for literature to live online by offering timely articles, commentary and news bites. We have a few new features planned that will be fun and informative, plus we'll be adding many more reviews and interviews. As we work to expand our coverage of more genres and styles, we also want to more thoroughly explore the imprints of literature on everyday life -- and the echoes of life and global chaos in literature. We plan to dive into the current literary world and the history of literature on many levels. Levi will be taking on the NYT Book Review, Jamelah will still be reading the classics and I'll be doing whatever it is I do around here. As if that's not enough, we will always have a new literary factoid in our Today in Literature feature.

Whatever your literary goals and pursuits are -- big or small -- we'd like to hear what you're eyeing. And, as always, we wish you the best of luck in keeping your resolutions and for a great 2006.

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Monday, November 7, 2005 07:10 am

You haven't checked in with us for a while to let us know what's on your reading lists this fall. Have you come across a new favorite author or are you re-reading a classic? Maybe you're not really reading anything and need some recommendations -- I'm sure we can help you out. We know you're busy, but tell us, what are you reading?

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 08:14 am

It's back to school time for many and the required reading lists are out in full force. Whether you've been handed a list or have one of your own creation, we'd like to hear what you've been reading lately, how you feel about it and what you're planning to pick up next. (If you need some recommendations, this is the place to get those as well.) Jamelah's reading the classics, but what are you reading?

What Are You Reading?

by Caryn Thurman on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 06:48 pm

Do the "dog days" of summer lead to dog-eared books? Let us in on what you're reading and if you've made any headway on your summer reading list. The latest snazzy issue of Boldtype offers up some late summer reading suggestions, but what are your picks? Conversely, if you need some suggestions or are looking for something to shake up your literary routine, post a note here with your request for recommendations. Oh, won't you please, please tell us -- what are you reading?


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