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2771 original poems were published by writers all over the world in our "Action Poetry" section in 2006. To celebrate the end of a great year in poetry, we're displaying one randomly selected poem at a time on the LitKicks main page through the rest of the year. If this page works correctly (and we hope it will), you will see a new poem with each click.

Technical note: this poetry display represents the first use of AJAX on LitKicks. AJAX (which stands for "asynchronous javascript and XML") is an exciting new approach to web development that allows more dynamic interaction with the user than the traditional page-based approach used on most websites. I'm hoping to redesign the entire site along these lines in 2007, and this current page is sort of a "proof of concept". If you have technical problems viewing the new poetry page, please let me know at levi.asher@gmail.com (and please let me know what browser and operating system you are using).

Thanks and have a great holiday, people!!! We'll be back in full effect on January 2, 2007.
1 Response to "2771 Poems"

by Steve Plonk on

Click to Get a PoemYour software appears to work wonderfully. I was pleased that a few of my own poems turns up on the clicker. Thanks for your hard editorial work this year and using this concept for an end of the year anthology.