Amazon Enters the Shorts Business

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I like the idea of Amazon Shorts, the new literary offering by Amazon in which stories and short essays are offered, MP3-like, for 49 cents each.

This format clearly has potential. My only complaint is that Amazon's press releases for this service are emphasizing the literary appeal, but only one of program's six categories actually involves literary fiction.

Do you think you might download a story or essay from this service? Let us know if you do ...
4 Responses to "Amazon Enters the Shorts Business"

by Billectric on

I like itYes, I will probably use it. I like how they show the number of words and pages each article is when you click on them. I've been known to buy a magazine for just one article I wanted, so this is a good deal.

by stevadore on

On the CheapI like this idea very much. I'm going to probably buy 75% of the fiction pieces they have for sale right now.I really love short stories and even though I can read many for free online, 49 cents is definitely in my budget, heh!I'm really looking forward to Dave King's piece, because The Ha Ha, his debut novel, was a great read.Thanks for letting us know about this! I know I can always trust LitKicks to keep me updated when I'm slacking off.

by warrenweappa on

I'd buy itI'd buy a lot more things if I had the cash. Anything to feed my head is good. I'd like to find out how to sell to them because I can't reach it.


I'm sure I'duse it at some point, 49 cents is a drop in the bucket to get some needed knowledge.