Beat News: July 14 1995

1. Several weeks ago I mentioned Pseudo Online Radio, an excellent radio show devoted to online culture and happenings that interviewed me live and is run by a Beat poet named Galinsky ... well they now have a pretty nifty home page as well, and here it is. They're on WEVD (1050 AM) Thursday nights at 11:00, and are really worth listening to.

2. I think news of Patti Smith counts as Beat News. She became famous as a punk-rock poet in the mid-70's, but there are lots of Beat echoes in her music. She hung out with Burroughs and chanted the name of Rimbaud in her songs. I think that qualifies her ... she was also one of the great singer-songwriters of her time, in my opinion. The reason I mention this is that she's doing a live show in Central Park (here in NY) on July 27th! This is happy news because she's been in retirement for a long time. She read poetry in Central Park a couple of years ago, and it was pretty good (but kind of quiet). Now she's bringing ace guitarist Lenny Kaye along, and is apparently prepared to rock.

There's a sad subtext to this: Patti's husband Fred "Sonic" Smith (of MC5) died suddenly in the past year. I understand Patti's bringing her two children along as part of this concert tour. If this is therapy ... I'll only be applauding that much harder because of it. Maybe I'll see some of you there?

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