Beat News: December 1 1994

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1. A reliable source just whispered (can you whisper via e-mail?) the name Johnny Depp to me, referring to the casting of the still-mysterious Coppola film of "On The Road" (see below.) I don't know which part Depp is being considered for, Sal Paradise or Dean Moriarty, but I think he'd be a good Sal. He had a sort-of lonely/lost quality in 'Edward Scissorhands' that I think would fit well with the part. I hope they don't do anything dumb like cast him as Dean.

2. Check out Christian Crumlish's new Web hyperfiction (or something) project, Enterzone. You know, I keep reading in the newspapers about sites like and, and these articles ignore the fact that the Web is a vehicle for innovative creative expression. I think Xian's new project is helping to advance the creative Web to a new level. You can find it at

3. DHARMA beat, the publication of the Jack Kerouac subterranean Information Society, is accepting contributions for the February '95 issue. The editor of The Kerouac Connection has also sent me his guidelines for contributors. Click here for the details.

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