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The LitKicks book Action Poetry: Literary Tribes for the Internet Age was chosen as one of five finalists for the Lulu Blooker Prize in the fiction category.

I'd like to thank the contest's esteemed judges for making this decision, and I'd also like to thank the great LitKicks writing community for making the book happen. More than anything else, I want to brag about the fact that I totally called this one, Babe-Ruth style, back in December over at Metaxu Cafe. I knew we'd at least make it to the final round, because the writing in this book is that good.

Will we go all the way? Well, some of the other finalists look pretty good, so I'm going to refrain from calling it a second time (even the Bambino knew better than to push his luck). If our book doesn't win, the book I'd most like to get beaten by is Keith Thompson's novel Gus Openshaw's Whale Killing Journal, an appealingly bizarre sendup of Moby Dick featuring a white whale with a scar in the shape of a double letter 'B' on his forehead, which his hunters believe stands for 'blubbery bastard'.

We didn't have the budget for any big whales or other special effects when we published Action Poetry in 2004, but we hope we still have a chance.
7 Responses to "Plugging"

by panta rhei on

Yay!Go, Action Poetry!

by Billectric on

bbyou and your whales...

by judih. on

Very coollevi, you called is a brilliant concept and all the bizarre threads that fed that book make it totally unique no matter how much blubber the competition is fryin up (bad taste joke)the editors did a powerful job, the writers offered their blood and adrenalin spiced inspiration and the site behind that volume will go down in litkicks, by the way, in the wikipidia?

by djrob1972 on

Well dog-eared copyI'll wave my well dog-eared and highlighted copy as a testament of its worthiness as a finalist!

by piph on

Congrats!You all did a fantastic job putting the book together and I'm proud to have been a part.

by Steve Plonk on

Action Poetry Strikes AgainOh yes, ACTION POETRY strikes again. So, glad to see that our collection got an award. I am happy to have contributed to it as are we all. Hey, and "we struck while the iron was hot", to quote a phrase by the bards...We did really well for a low budget operation. Hope we do it again soon. Also, I hope that some of us who came in later (including me) will get some of their individual works included in the next collection if there is one in print... This site is still a great on-line place to submit.