Comix For Bloomsday

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1. For your Bloomsday enjoyment: comic strip artist Robert Berry is visualizing James Joyce's Ulysses. This project appears to be off to a great start.

2. More Bloomsday action: Dovegreyreader on a new book called Ulysses and Us by Declan Kibberd.

3. Farewell to poet Harold Norse.

4. It must be a good sign that somewhere inside the giant paradox that is the nation of Iran, they are loving the inventive and hilarious early writings of Woody Allen.

5. I did not know that novelist Roxana Robinson was a member of the Beecher family. But what's this about Lord Warburton being the man Isabel Archer should have married? I was rooting for Ralph Touchett.

6. The word technology is derived from the same root as textile.

7. We need a poetry reality show right here in the USA.

8. A digital Gutenberg would be nice to look at.

9. What could it possibly have been like to be married to Harold Pinter? Fortunately claims Antonia Fraser, it was not a Pinteresque experience.

10. "What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?" (Or, I'd like to add, one man).

11. Eric Rosenfeld appreciates Thomas Pynchon's use of description.

12. Kafka Tribute in New York

13. Michelle Obama reads Zadie Smith, a better choice (in my opinion) than her husband's Joseph O'Neill. (Barack is also cited as reading What is the What?, a good choice though not exactly fiction).

14. The Who's Quadrophenia GS Scooter has been sold at an auction. (Though it's from the movie, not the record album photo shoot).

15. Via Bookninja, what the book you're reading really says about you.

5 Responses to "Comix For Bloomsday"

Rosenfeld's take on Pynchon is excellent

Great links about Woody Allen and Thomas Pynchon.

by dlt on

Harold Norse survived Bukowski,
Kept his hair

by Dan on

Actually, Norse wore a rug for many years. Sorry to be a downer.

by blackbakkheia on

"giant paradox"!!! lol.

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