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James Bond is another example of a character coming back to life in print. SilverFin is the first in a set of novels that will tell the story of a young James Bond. The series, written by Charlie Higson, targets pre-teen crowd and hopes to inherit the recent popularity of Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket. Higson was recently interviewed in Newsweek and tells how the series will differ slightly in the US from the versions being published in the UK and what it's like being approached by the Ian Fleming estate.

Being approached by various estates and bringing back solidly established characters for a new audience ... sounds like a good trend to me.
2 Responses to "Live and Let Write"

by singlemalt on

Forget itAlthough I never read any of the Bond books, I heard that they were pretty lame and that the movies are better.Who really cares about the young James Bond? "Not I" says me.I mean, did anyone watch the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (or whatever it was called)? Okay, did anyone watch Young Einstein starring Yahoo Serious? Does anyone care about Superboy?I think you get the point. Just because you've got the "Bond Institution" doesn't mean that people are gonna shell out twenty bucks to read about him as a kid.Mark my words, this one ain't gonna work.Sincerely, Malt. Singlemalt.

by Rubiao on

MarketingIt's all about marketing:4 dollar cups of coffeeConspiracy theory book about Leonardo Da VinciBeanie Babies?Pogs?That new style of boy/girl band pop musicPet Rock (the cream of the crop)People will buy anything. We are a nation of consumers, begging for the next product to come out. I'm not saying it's bad, but people have gone for way worse things than James Bond as a child (Though not way way worse as I'm not sure it is possible). The Star Wars books made after the movies are all bestsellers (I think)! In this age of remakes, sequels, and prequels, anything is uncreatively possible.