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I'm very proud to announce that LitKicks is joining the Litblog Co-op, a group of excellent website publishers who work together to recommend books, stage events and represent a unified "online voice" within the publishing community. I first heard of this group in a Village Voice article published in April 2005, and to be honest I've been hoping for an invitation ever since.

I like this group because they work hard to raise the visibility of the entire literary blogosphere. The publishing world is a mercurial place, and it's easy for small but worthy independent websites to get lost in this swirling corporate (and I do mean corporate) environment. Blogs may be a big fad on the covers of newsmagazines, but that doesn't mean we get the respect, access and visibility we believe we deserve. The Litblog Co-op is designed to change this, and I am very psyched to be a part of the ongoing adventure.

I'm still on vacation, but I'll be back soon -- and I hope Jamelah Earle will be filling in with her latest venture into the classics.
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