DiCap’s in the Cradle

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I'm not sure how I missed this one -- although it seems like I have posted this before, with all the Tom Hanks connections to books in film and the infinitely inescapable presence of the young Hanksesque Leonardo DiCaprio (not unlike the haunting memory of Jack Dawson in Titanic) it's sometimes hard to tell what is real and what is a dream around here. In any case, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio's production group, Appian Way, is working with screenwriters to adapt Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. No word on who might star in the film or on a production date. Any nominations on who you'd like to see in this one?
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by brooklyn on

Like ItI like this idea, although Vonnegut novels don't seem to do too well onscreen. "Breakfast of Champions" with Bruce Willis spent about ten minutes in theaters before disappearing, so I have to assume it was pretty bad. There was also a movie version of "Slapstick" starring Jerry Lewis that looked kind of grotesque. I did once see a decent film version of "Slaughterhouse Five", and maybe the reason this worked is that the director went for a naturalistic treatment, instead of trying to find visual corollaries for the famous Vonnegut sense of humor. I hope they'll go for a similar toned-down approach with this book. Based on this, I don't know who I hope will star in the film, but I really hope they do *not* get Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam to direct it ...

by Billectric on

You continue to regale uswith those titles..."DiCap's in the Cradle"...oh, ah believe I'll pop mah cawset laughin', Miss 'Crackah.

by judih. on

yes, Bill.i read litkicks just for the sheer joy of anticipation that perhaps Andrew will put FC's titles into a cut-up (with potential movie rights)

by tkg on

Slaughterhouse - FaceI agree with Levi about Slaughterhouse 5. George Roy Hill made a good movie of it in the 70's. Hill's the director who made Butch Cassidy in 1969. I don't think Slaughterhouse 5 as a movie did very well though.As far as Cat's Cradle, I did not like that book much. It was the only Vonnegut book I didn't love and in fact it rubbed me the wrong way.Still, this is of interest. DiCaprio recently had his face cut up pretty badly by a broken bottle wielded by some woman at a party. I don't know how that will affect any projects he has going.

by James David King on

Mother NightAgreed on most Vonnegut movies disappointing - except *Mother Night*, which stayed true to the source material...