Poetry Foundation to World: Really, People Dig Poems

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They're just not real sure which ones. As a result of a recent study, Poetry Foundation (publisher of Poetry magazine) offers up a sort of "Poetry State of the Union" and the results seem promising (14% of American adults consume poetry on a regular basis), if not just a bit vague (most couldn't readily name a favorite poem/poet or accurately recite a line of verse). The findings also identified poetry as ritualistic, celebratory and reflective ... with poetry being associated with memorization, schooling, celebrations such as weddings, cultural ties and gift-giving. The Chicago Tribune summarizes the findings, but you can read the whole 113-page study when it becomes available tomorrow on poetryfoundation.org. So carve out an hour or so and settle in to find out everything you wanted to know about what others think about poetry, but were afraid to ask.
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For your reading pleasure...you can now find a summary and a link to the PDF report here.