Literary Meme-O-Gram: Either vs. Or #3

In this latest round of arbitrary either/or groupings, pick the word you like best out of each pair. That is all. Have fun!

1. Antepasta vs. Antediluvian
2. Untenable vs. Unruly
3. Schadenfreude vs. Freudian
4. Butter vs. Buttressed
5. Froward vs. Toward
6. Zany vs. Madcap
7. Carbohydrate vs. Carburetor
8. Scourge vs. Siege
9. Married vs. Dead
10. Nutmeat vs. Nutmeg
11. Hokey Pokey vs. Hocus Pocus
12. Pickle vs. Formaldehyde
13. Imprecise vs. Clockwork
14. Olfactory vs. Erogenous
15. Nymph vs. Lymph
16. Haste vs. Waste
17. Copper vs. Bronze
18. Lemon vs. Pucker
19. Flame vs. Ash
20. Bob Dylan vs. Oreos Pixel vs. Particle
6 Responses to "Literary Meme-O-Gram: Either vs. Or #3"

by firecracker on

Hmmm Just Going on Sound AloneRolling off my tongue...1. Antediluvian2. Untenable3. Schadenfreude4. Butter5. Froward 6. Madcap7. Carburetor8. Scourge9. Married10. Nutmeat11. Hokey Pokey12. Formaldehyde13. Clockwork14. Erogenous15. Lymph16. Haste17. Copper 18. Pucker19. Ash20. ParticleNow, I wonder what my ratio of vowels vs. consonants and syllable count says about my psyche ...

by jamelah on

it says you should check out my blog.

by jamelah on

words words wordsAntediluvianUntenableSchadenfreudeButterFrowardZanyCarburetorScourgeDeadNutmeatHokey PokeyFormaldehydeClockworkErogenousNymphHasteCopperLemonFlameOreos Pixel

by Sylph on

Off the tip of my fingers....AntediluvianUnrulyFreudianButtressedTowardZanyCarbohydrateScourgeDeadNutmeatHokey PokeyFormaldehydeClockworkErogenousNymphHasteBronzePuckerFlamePixel

by Billectric on

don't mind if i do1. Antepasta2. Untenable, for sure3. Farfegnugen4. Buttressed5. Froto! The ring, Froto!6. Zanny Cap7. Carburetor. Who knew it was spelled like that?8. Siege9. Well, it could be one of those Vincent Price movies where his wife is dead, but he keeps her preserved in a vault, loosely based on a Poe tale, and somehow of course she wakes up but looks all haggish and skeletal, and Vincent Price's eyes grow wide with horror as she stalks after him, "No! No!" he shouts in a paroxism of dread. He either dies or goes stark raving mad and she is finally at peace. 10. Nutmeat11. Hocus Pocus12. Those are like, mixed somethings, I forget my English but it's like, "pickle" something, but you don't "formaldehyde" something. Or maybe you do. If you are Vincent Price.13. Clockwork14. As long as endorphines are involved.15. As long as endorphines are involved.16. Haste17. Whichever one turns green after a while18. Lemony Puckett and the Union Gap19. Flame, hard and gemlike. 20. Particle

by djrob1972 on

How funSchadenfreude- love it!Olfactory-yes,yes,yes!Pucker-wee!nutmeat-brillant!zany is madcap, madcap is zany!do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around!and that's what it's all about...