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LitKicks member charlajean tipped us off to this recent event:

Patricia Elliott Marvin, who befriended William Burroughs in 1978, decided to have a garage sale of Burroughs memorabilia. Her collection included various books, posters, letters and drawings of, from and about Burroughs and the Beat Generation.

I haven't been able to find a summary of how the sale went, but if anyone out there was able to make it to Lawrence, KS on Saturday, we'd love to hear about the experience.
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by Steve Plonk on

Burroughs and LawrenceI visited Lawrence, Kansas during my travels across country in 1972.I don't believe Burroughs had arrived then; however, Bill had gone for visits because he was from Missouri, and Lawrence, Kansas, was close to his old stomping grounds. Burroughs was originally from the St. Louis area.I have several of Bill Burroughs books and I, too, would be interested in seeing how a contemporary of mine made out in her Burroughs Garage Sale. I really enjoyed the movie made of "Naked Lunch" and Mr. Bill's travels in Mexico, Morocco and so on. I used to be in the NRA, so I have guns in common with ole "Uncle Bill". I met Bill's son once, way before he died, and I believe I met Bill Burroughs on a flight back from England back in the eighties. Does Bill Burroughs have any living relatives? I thought he had a brother and/or a cousin or two somewhere. Any answer would be appreciated.