Six Degrees of John Irving’s Latest Stinker

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Let's face it, no one seems to know quite how to put it delicately about John Irving's newest novel, Until I Find You. The fact that it's so damn long is apparently only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's wrong with this heavily panned book. Irving can't even catch a break from his fatwa-inducing good friend's ex-wife who reviewed the novel as a "mass of lazy, unrefined writing." Ouch. But, never fear, John Irving, the Washington Post is taking it all back. Well not exactly, but they did issue an apology for the conflict of interest in having a reviewer who knew Irving review his book. Whatever ... what I want to know is when Irving will apologize to us for writing it in the first place.

Now, who's going to be able to write a review when Kevin Bacon publishes a novel?
3 Responses to "Six Degrees of John Irving’s Latest Stinker"

by brooklyn on

Kevin BaconHa ... that's a good one. I even get it.

by Billectric on

That Firecracker can bring home the bacon. (I don't know what that means...)

by djrob1972 on

Sorry to hear......that Irving wrote such a stinker. I've read some good ones in the last year including Garp and Owen Meaney. Based on what I've heard about the new tome, I'll probably avoid it.