Vonnegut Endorses Sheindlin

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God, I love Kurt Vonnegut. Seriously.

The celebrated author (whose Cat's Cradle may be coming to a theater near you, oh, sometime), has announced who he'd like to see take one of the prized seats on the United States Supreme Court following the departures of Sandra Day O'Connor and William Rehnquist, and it's brilliant. Are you ready?

Judge Judy.

Across the country, people who watch daytime television rejoice at Vonnegut's endorsement, because really, the idea that the tough-talkin' Sheindlin should hold one of the highest offices in the land must have existed as long as she's been part of the public consciousness.

Says Vonnegut, who discovered Judge Judy a few years ago, "I'm all for Judge Judy for the Supreme Court. I don't want any other judges, just her. She is so fair-minded and so ideally American."

[Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, via Salon.com]
3 Responses to "Vonnegut Endorses Sheindlin"

by Billectric on

I'm a Joe Brown fan, myselfJudge Joe Brown is much cooler than Judge Judy.


Judy for sureI'm all for it, and you'd think with the taxes I paid last year I'd have some say, as a matter of fact we all deserve some input. Judy! Judy!Judy!

by mindbum on

best yetsimply, the best suggestion i've heard yet. a non-politician. even though on tv.vonnegut is right.the supreme court needs humans.