Jumping on the Couch Around the World

The folks at Guinness World Records have made it official -- L. Ron Hubbard is the world's most translated author. The founder of Scientology and Dianetics author's works have been translated into 65 verified languages. This completely outdoes Fabio, whose books are only available in English and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. On a more serious note, I remember trying to slog through Dianetics years ago --- I had a hard time following it in English, so good luck to the rest of you. Anyone else try this ... in any language?
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by Rubiao on

NopeBut while I haven't read this, I pass by a dianetics studio every day and ponder what goes on inside. On my more boring days, I imagine meetings and calm discussion. But on other days, there is no limit. Unicorns, verdant meadows, hot air balloons, tribal rites, Daniel-son training to fight Johnny (It looks suspiciously like the Cobra Kai dojo from the outside)... The sky is the limit. Anyway, I'm glad it's there.

by brooklyn on

Fine PrintThe fine print in this report helps explain what happened to the Holy Bible, which I thought held this record with a larger number of translations. Well, traditionalists will be glad to hear the Bible is still the most translated book ... but this is the record for most translated author.

by firecracker on

Hey, pay attention... I said author. I think the Bible can take care of itself.

by stevadore on

Battlefield EarthI didn't read Dianetics and I have no desire to after hearing Scientology's poster boy Tom Cruise trash the mental health medical profession (which provides me w/ a regular paycheck by the way).But I did read Battlefield Earth as a teenager during my scifi phase and actually liked it a lot. I even remember thinking at the time what a great movie it would make. Well, we can't be right about everything now can we?That was my first and last foray into the world of L. Ron Hubbard.

by Billectric on

Hahaha...unicorns...hot air balloons...oh, man, that made me laugh.