Paul is Back

So, here's our new design, featuring the return of Paul Verlaine. What do you think?

There are a lot more site changes on the way, especially a better right nav, a new version of the indie ads program, and better genre/topic article indexing. For now, we just wanted to get the new look up and make sure it doesn't break anything. Please let us know if it does.
13 Responses to "Paul is Back"

by judih. on

I can't believewhat a difference Paul makes. It's truly like coming back to a favourite cafe. He's been waiting for me in our usual booth with our regular conversations about to burst into continuation.

by luke t/drifter on

and our favourite cup of mint absinthe

by Billectric on

verdict...It's better. Good old Verlaine. Must have been Saint Patty's day - my boy's drinking a green beer.(I know, it's not beer, it's absinthe)

by Steve Plonk on

I thought Paul Verlaine was a nineteenth century poet. Is there a real life modern person by that name? Or is that just a ruse for a thread...Clue me in. I arrived in May of last year.

by jamelah on

Paul Verlaine was a nineteenth century poet, but that particular graphic is one of our old familiar favorites. It's been on LitKicks in one form or another pretty much since there's been a LitKicks, and it's good to see the ol' fella back.

by judih. on

And the link to more about Paul: Paul Verlaine


absinthe dazeNice touch, and great visual of the french poet ...

by singlemalt on

yeah, less stuffyI like how things are opening up. It feels a little more breezy, not as stuffy. I'm not locked into a topic or two. And it's nice to see the old fart again.

by firecracker on

Yes, it is nice to see you.

by Rubiao on

Old timesI used to want the old web site back, but now realise I just wanted the return of Mr Verlaine. Something about that green glow and relaxed mien. It comforts me.

by Andeh on

change o' designNow, I'm still trying to figure out the new site design (it's a bit like a labyrinth). But there's something very comforting about that dude with wine there. He's either depressed or chilling. Either way, I am glad he's there.

by Mob on

i like it ...... but, any chance of having a picture of Rimbaud in the other corner to make things even more cosy?

by shem on

hmmmIt's a start....