An Epic City: Litkicks Mystery Spot #4

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Yes, it's time for another literary quiz inspired by Google Maps. The hero of a novel lived at a spot visible in the image above, north of the river that streams through the city. What is the name of this epic city, and what is the name of the novel? Here are the only clues you're going to get:

• The name of the street where this character lives is a religious pun.

• A cat lived there too, and was known to say "Mkgnao".

• This character is only slightly well known, but the novel is more famous than any of its characters.

If you think you know the answer, please post it as a comment, and as always I will not publish any of the comments until I reveal the answer, so as to not spoil the fun.

And, again as always: yes, at least one clue to the identity of this novel is contained within this text.

UPDATE: The answer has been posted here.

This article is part of the series Litkicks Mystery Spot. The next post in the series is Joyce's Dublin: Bloom on Eccles Street. The previous post in the series is Steventon, Hampshire, England: Where Jane Austen Grew.
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by Tony Zazella on

the novel: Ulysses
the street: 7 Eccles Street

by Greg Ames on

Master and Margarita?

by Logan on

I have to say Dublin, from Ulysseys. Is that right? is an epic cat noise at least.

I'm going with Joyce's Ulysses.

The Book: Ulysses, by James Joyce. The city: Dublin. The character: Leopold Bloom. The address: No. 7 Eccles Street.

I just happen to be listening to Ulysses on tape this week!

by Aishwarya on

Ulysses and Dublin, I assume?

by Jason Jefferies on


by Dan on

The cat says Mrkrgnao, not Mkgano; the character is Bloom in Ulysses, and the cat belongs to Leopold Bloom.

by Dan on

Oops! The cat says both 'words.' Sorry.

by Mayowa on


by lisa peet on

Dublin, home of Leopold Bloom, the book being James Joyce's Ulysses.

by winosapiens on

Looks like the river Liffey, no? I'm going with No. 7 Eccles Street, Dublin Ireland; home to Leopold Bloom, protagonist of Ulysses, written by James Joyce.

by TKG on

Dublin's fair city. Ulysses, not the wake.

by Milton on

This is the only one of these that I'll ever be able to identify from the picture alone: The house of Leopold and Molly Bloom, 7 Eccles St., Dublin, "Ulysses." My favorite novel ever.

One of the many testaments to Joyce's genius is the way Bloom's cat talks. 99% of writers (myself included) would just write "meow," but Joyce gave it enough thought to devise a new, more accurate word. Great pick.

by Levi Asher on

Great response so far, people! Many of you have correctly identified the novel (and there've been some wrong guesses too, so I know it wasn't too easy). Please keep posting your answers, and I will reveal all the posts tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

by Eli on

Dublin and Ullyses, in that order.

by Nardo on

River run, past Adam and Ulysses!

by Pez on

Ulysses by Joyce. The city is Dublin.

by T on

As a person of Irish decent, I will have my Guinness Glass revoked if I get this one wrong. The character is Leopold Bloom, the novel Ulysses, the author, Joyce. For good measure - The city is Dublin and the river is the Liffey., love, love Litkicks Mystery Spots.

by Stephanie on

James Joyce

by Stephanie on

James Joyce LONDON

It's Ulysses by Jame Joyce. The town is Dublin.

Dublin! Ullyses! Leopold's house on Eccles Street!

Most difficult damned book ever. Ever. Just insane and probably requires several readings anyway.

Sorry, misspelled it in first comment: Dublin! Ulysses! Leopold's house on Eccles Street!

Most difficult damned book ever. Ever. Just insane and probably requires several readings anyway.

by Eamon on


by Paul Williams on

Would it be 7 Eccles St now?
Ulysses - James Joyce

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