Poetry for Everyone

National Poetry Month Poetry

There really is something for everyone -- that is definitely true in the world of poetry. Of course there are all kinds of styles, forms, schools and subjects that many of us are already familiar with. But what about when you're hankering for something a little off the beaten path? Sure, experimental poetry is nice, and cut-ups are sometimes cool, too ... like reading tea leaves and seeing your Uncle Lester. Sometimes you just need poetry to be a little bit different; such as poems that tackle the subject of headaches and migraines, poems exploring anthropological concerns and some mighty fun gangtsa haiku. If being a gangtsa isn't for you, you may enjoy something a bit sweeter, like Peeps haiku. Those are just a few highlights of some often overlooked genres during National Poetry Month, and I'm sure we'll be hearing much more from the gangtsa-anthropologist, Peeps-loving, migrane-suffering poetry fans everywhere.

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