Action Poetry Still Lives!

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Well, our beloved Action Poetry book didn't win the Blooker Prize. A book called Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest took the award in our category, and we're good sports so we'll just say "congrats" and smirk like Martin Scorsese does every three years at the Oscars.

This would be a good day, though, to call some attention to the current incarnation of our Action Poetry page, which remains the creative shining light of this website. Please check out the strong work that keeps rolling up on this page every day, and, of course, please consider uploading a poem or short prose piece yourself if the mood strikes.

The Action Poetry writing board was first launched in 2001 at the suggestion of a LitKicks member (the name came about, naturally, because I'd just seen the Ed Harris movie Pollock at this time).

We create a new version of the Action Poetry board every month; the current page is only three days old and already rockin'. Here are some prior pages for your enjoyment. Some of the writers who were published in the 2004 book are still posting new poems here; others may appear in future books that we may produce (who knows?).

Thanks to the amazing eternal LitKicks Action Poets for making us proud!
3 Responses to "Action Poetry Still Lives!"

by Billectric on

we didn't win . . . ?WHY, GOD, WHYYYYYYyyyy??IS THERE NO JUSTICE, NO COMFORT FOR MY AFFLICTED SOULLL?????AHHHH, LET ME DIE! LET ME ROT IN THE GROUND! *SOB*Levi, if you publish this, it's on you.

by Billectric on

Uh ... did I say that? ... what I meant was, "Congratulations to the winners. It was an honor to be nominated. We stand on the shoulders of giants."

by panta rhei on

congratsto all kinds of winners (the almost- and the other- and the special- and the prize- and the upsidedown- and the notyet- and the maybe- and the absolute- and anti- etc. winners)!