Way Overdue

This week Philip Akbar Shabazz was sentenced to a three year prison term for having 402 overdue items from the Baltimore County Public library system. He's suspected of checking out the items, then selling them and was convicted on charges of theft. The list of overdue items included nine copies of Bad Girlz and seven copies of Gangsta, which sounds pretty much like my reading list. The entire collection of overdue books' value totaled $679, while the overdue fees were a staggering $8,400. This just goes to show that the used book store is always the way to go. (Note to all of our librarian readers: I'm totally kidding.)
5 Responses to "Way Overdue"

by djrob1972 on

YikesI didn't know the black market on library books was so lucrative! My mother was once threatened with incarceration in rural Dawsonville, Georgia if she didn't cough up an alledgedly lost copy of Mary Karr's CHERRY. It was found eventually misplaced amongst the stacks...but no apology was forthcoming.

by stevadore on

The Real Question...is why did those librarians continue to allow him to check more books out! Maybe they should be put in jail instead!$8400 is almost $21 per book. Those are pretty steep fines. My library charges a killer 15 cents per day!

by boldaslove on

Have Card Will TravelThere are pictures of me in libraries all over Southern California with the caption "Have you seen this woman?"

by DizzyKicks on

harsh but fairI know someone who wasn't allowed to graduate from university here in England as he had maxed out his library fines! I believe he had the maximum

by Billectric on

Yes, I remember accidentally stealing a book once, and this friend of mine had to pay for it or they wouldn't let him graduate! He had checked out a book about the Salem Witch Trials for some class he was taking, and I borrowed it. Later, he asked for it and I said I thought I already gave it back to him (I really thought that - I wasn't lying on purpose), so he had to pay for it. He later moved to Texas, and I moved several times, never unpacking my boxes of books. Finally, when I settled down a bit, I was unpacking my books and there it was! The Salem Witch Trials, with the University of North Florida stamp still on it. I lost touch with my friend so I could never pay him pack. I still have the book. I assume the library bought another copy. So, you see, I am a criminal.