Mr. Perkins

Film News
A recently rediscovered classic of American non-fiction, The Klan Unmasked by Stetson Kennedy, is currently making the rounds in Hollywood, and not for the first time.

Plans to turn Stetson Kennedy's true account of a personal and national battle against racism in the 1940's have been in the works for decades. Humphrey Bogart considered playing the lead role in a film based on Kennedy's book in the 1950's. Oliver Stone worked on a new treatment based on the book in 1996, but the project was abandoned.

Later, Mel Gibson expressed interest in a screenplay titled Mr. Perkins (referring to the fake name Kennedy used when he infiltrated the Klan). Again, the project was not developed, but a new treatment is currently making the rounds, and supposedly Brad Pitt is expressing interest. What does it all mean? We really don't know.
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