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We'll be back with more literary love and infotainment in the morning, but in the meantime do yourself a favor and check it:

-- If you haven't picked up a copy of LitKicks' Action Poetry, what are you waiting for? This is a great book with a lot of fresh voices -- a perfect travelling companion for your summer road trip. Support emerging styles, indie writers and underrepresented markets by purchasing this collection. And if you like it, tell everyone you know.

-- Got the book? Get the gear -- don't forget to check out our selection of LitKicks shirts, hats and totes here, as well as here. My personal favorites are the "Got Absinthe?" t-shirts -- want to make people stop in their tracks? This is one way to do it.

-- Is anger management the way to go, or should you just let it flow? Revisit this interesting discussion from October Earth.

-- Can't get away this summer? Take a trip to Tangier as Levi highlights the literary connections and history of this exotic port.

-- Who says we only write around here? Visit the archives and check out the Postage Stamp Series. You may not be able to send a letter to your grandma with these, but they sure look cool.
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by Billectric on

this is funlooking back on some of the things we've done, especially October Earth and the Tangier article. One day I will write about my trip to Tangier.