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I'm taking a little summer break from the heavy-thinking blog posts, but here's a picture and a song to take their place.

I wonder if the essence of romantic love is not that you always see beauty in the other person's face, but that you find their face endlessly fascinating. That's what my wife Caryn's 365 Flickr project has really brought out personally for me.

And meanwhile, here's a song to listen to by the brilliant underground progressive rock artist Phideaux, aka Phideaux Xavier, called Fragment. Great music, great production, great lyrics. Nothing to look at on this YouTube video, just play and listen.

Back again with real blog posts very soon!

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More romance, please. People forget what it looks like, what it sounds like, how lovely and good it feels. Thank you for sharing your happiness. It can be a delicate thing to attempt and you got it just right.

that was 4:17 well spent. although i had to stop the song short 'cause i had to hear chupacabras, the 20 minute anthem. phideaux. phideaux. you know, chupacabra sightings are common in texas, however, it's always some old carcass drug in from west texas....

Well, I must say, Caryn is downright photogenic. Levi, did you ever measure her face like I suggested, to see if the Fibonacci numbers lined up?

by tan on

Lucky man!

WSB once observed that if you take fifty photos of a person and they look exactly the same in every photo, you're not photographing a person. You're photographing a mask.
If you're constantly finding something new in Caryn's face you've found a lady who doesn't deal in masks. And what a very pleasant exercise that endless discovery must be.

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