LitKicks Video Presents: Reading Ulysses

Mark my words: this time I'm going to finish it.

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by Sylph on

LOL! I love it, this is classic.

Thanks for the smile I needed to kick start the day :)

by Bill Ectric on

The spirits of Fellini and Bunuel frolick in your cherubic countenance!

Usted es un genio!

by Dan on

Cute video - have you read Proust from start to finish? I got stalled in Volume IV for several years, then made the final push. It was worth it.

Then of course there's the Wake....

by panta rhei on

oh, jamelah! you're fabulous.

by judih on

i know you can do this
i just feel that the pages will somehow pass, one after the other, in one huge long sentence manner.
it'll all be good.
and you'll inspire me to consider picking it up again.

by Brian Hadd on

Hilarious, Sweet Pea is a good dog, good cess to you.

by frontal-abstraction on

Ha! That rocks! If you do it I'll do it.

by Jason Robinson on

I've never finished it either, but your charming video is giving me inspiration to do so. Nice job.

by TKG on

Sehr gut. But who is Mr Darcy?

by Levi Asher on

TKG, I believe this refers to a character from "Pride and Prejudice".

by jaimef on

If you don't like reading and needsapush...this would be my video of Joyce!

by Archie on

I'm gonna give Ulysses a seeing to soon, does anyone recommend a specfic reading guide? I've heard horror stories from people who did without.

by Bill Ectric on

I'm hoping Jamelah will write a guide to it!

try doing it with one of the two available unabridged CD sets . . . that will push you through and good luck!

You know, Paul has a really excellent idea. That's the way to read Ulysses! I say this because, while I liked William S. Burroughs before I heard him read, I loved the man's writing after I heard him read it.

Quite a good tip.

I laughed... I cried... I didn't finish it, either! Jamelah, your video was a pure piece of entertainment pleasure.

by Duncan Brown on

Reading it for Christmas, perhaps Lent.

by mnaz on

Since you've been waiting so long on this project, you might as well read Beckett.

Hey! Beckett is the anti-spam name for this post too!

I tell ya, it's a sign...

by David on

I'm waiting for the movie..


funny stuff!

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