The Next Da Vinci Code?

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The world may be a vampire, but Anne Rice's next novel will be leaving Lestat on the shelf. Due out this November, Rice says Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt will tell the early story of Jesus "in his own words". Looks like the trend of religilit is still going strong. The true mark of success for this new offering will be, of course, when we see the various unauthorized guides and refutations hitting the stores just in time for the holidays.
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by jamelah on

That's interesting, and all(though I have to wonder where she's getting his words from...) but I have to say I'm a little disappointed that she's not going to be writing about this:Jesus Christ in legal battle for driver's license. I mean, come on. That's the stuff novels are made of.(Of course, it may be hard to get quotes from him, since, as the story says, "'Christ is not speaking to the press at this time,' [his lawyer] said." I have a feeling this may also extend to novelists, but I could be wrong.)

by Billectric on

Hey, that has possibilies!DMV Rep:, there seems to be a problem with your birth certificate.And later, after some obligatory chase action:Police Chief: You are officially off this case! That wasn't even an amphibious vehicle!Deputy: Well, Chief, he did outrun those speedboats...Police Chief: On a Sunday! The man was engaged on a high speed chase on the Sabbath!Jesus: Who among you, if the batteries on your TV remote went dead, would not venture forth to Wal-Mart on the Sabbath? How much moreso to do good?Deputy: He's got you there, Chief.

by tomcat on

Rather than the next "Da Vinci Code," is this the next "Gospel According to the Son" (Mailer)?

by Billectric on

refutations, ehhhh.....??Gives me an idea to make some money. Find a popular book and write about it, using the popular book in the title. Hehehehe...deviously simple...Here are a few suggestions:1. The Action Poetry/Wilford Brimley Conspiracy - Can anyone prove that is not Wilford Brimley with the beard & mustache on the left side of the book cover?2. Bob Dylan's Chronicles Revisited - This could actually be about anything and sell. "Bill's in the basement, fraudulent treatment, running rough-shod like a D. E. Agent." 3. Curiouser & Curiouser: Other Dogs Found Dead in England - Is there some cult killing dogs in Great Britain? Does Mark Haddon know something he's not telling?4. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, David Amram, Gregory Corso, Larry Rivers, and Williams S. Burroughs: People Who Look Sort of Like Them Pose In Diners and Beside Cars - A large coffee table book. 5. The Harry Potter Expose: You Know, Some of That Magic Stuff Couldn't Happen Like They Show in Movies - Scathing and direct, this book will leave you wondering, "So, then, what about Lord of the Rings?"

by brooklyn on

Damn, Bill, you're on a roll today? Have you been eating funny flakes for breakfast or something?

by djrob1972 on

Too funny. Your list made me forget my own ennui for a minute.

by djrob1972 on

Fluffy ReadingI'll have to admit to mainstreamism in the fact that I've read both THE DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS AND DEMONS. Both are fun at times, but ultimately they are literary fluff with little merit beyond pure entertainment value. I somewhat pity those who feel compelled to refute these types of volumes with their own trite and sophomoric tomes.