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Singlemalt alerted us to this sad piece of news about author Shelby Foote:

"So I read that he just died. Although I own his three volume set on the Civil War (ranked by the Modern Library as the 15th greatest non-fiction, English language book), I haven't got around to reading it. He had this relaxed, southern air about him on the Ken Burns Civil War documentary.

I'm bummed out that he died. I don't really know why because I haven't read his Civil War trilogy. But it depressed me nonetheless. Strange."

Any thoughts from history buffs or Foote fans out there?
3 Responses to "Shelby Foote"

by jymwrite on

Foote FansHe's the reason the Civil War series was successful. He made it accessible and made the people human instead of historical figures.

by soam on

It would be hard to watch the Civil War PBS series and not come out a fan of Shelby Foote. He just has this air about him of being one of the last southern gentlemen. I always thought he would make the perfect grandfather. I've read the first volume of his civil war collection. It's not something to begin lightly, but it is a completely accessible and authoritative book. I usually go through phases with civil war history, and it's comforting to know that the two unread volumes that I have are still waiting out there for me. He will be missed.

by Poolgone on

Shelby FooteAmazing isn't it? I'm driving along and I hear that Shelby Foote is dead. Age doesn't matter. I'm filled with sadness. To say his name brings to mind his dear friend (dec'd) and fellow writer Walker Percy. Oh what grand times they had together as young men. Please research Percy for great southern reading.