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I had an idea for a blog post. I'm on summer vacation -- not exactly on a beach, but near one -- so I didn't finish it in time. Since my idea was for a blog post about the idea of a blog post, I'm not sure if this is that blog post, or if this is a blog post about that blog post. I really have no idea.

That's as philosophical as we'll get this weekend, but there are cool things coming soon on this website. First, I'm about to post my final findings on this summer of the Great Gatsby. Did you think I was done with Gatsby? Nope, not yet. After that, I'm going to trash a fashionable new novel that really deserves it, and tell you about some exciting new books coming out in the Fall season, including novels by Donna Tartt, Cathleen Schine, Javier Marias, Caleb Crain, Sergio de la Pava, Tom Perotta and Nicholson Baker, as well as a nifty mystery anthology edited by Sarah Weinman. There are also new books on the way by Robert Coover and Thomas Pynchon that I'm likely to have opinions about, one way or another.

I'm also planning to roll out some new features on this site's Facebook page this Fall, and will hopefully integrate our long-running Action Poetry into our Facebook page (I've also finally got the Action Poetry archives nearly ready to show). If you haven't noticed yet, I've been using the Litkicks Facebook page to allow me to post quick literary links (like for instance this awesome anonymous short story that appeared on Craigslist -- I think it's the best short story I've read this year). I've created a custom Drupal module that allows me to automatically transform my Facebook posts into Litkicks posts, which means I can use the Facebook page as an alternate front page for Litkicks. Now you can follow Litkicks via RSS, or you can follow Litkicks via Facebook, or you can just come directly to the website.

Other than that, I'm enjoying my vacation, it's a beautiful day out, and my kids Dan and Abby just jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet with their cousins Matt and Rebecca. That's all I've got for you today.

3 Responses to "The Space of an Idea"

by TKG on

That's crazy, man. Jumping out of an airplane. Wow!

I have been greatly enjoying the links from your Facebook page. There hadn't been a spot to say so here at LitKicks until this post.

I also enjoyed the comments at the Atlantic about the short story and how it was and who presented it there.

by Levi Asher on

Thanks TKG! Yeah, the Facebook outlet for the site feels like a breath of fresh air to me. When a site's been alive as long as this one has, these breaths of fresh air become increasingly important. Glad you like it too.

The skydive was great to watch! I did it myself when I was roughly the age my kids are here, but it was a little more relaxing for me this time to hang out on the ground and watch them come down.


Hi Levi.....enjoy that vacation time. Thanks for continuing the evolution of Action Poetry. As always thanks for the lit and Beat news, u definitely keep me in the loop. I'm still doing the poetry night, which is now on Sunday evenings (next one sept. 8th). Poetry is alive and well here in Frederick, Md.

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