Stallone Takes on Poe

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Rumor has it that Sylvester Stallone has all the pieces in place to go forward with a new film project -- a movie about none other than Edgar Allan Poe. Apparently Stallone wrote the screenplay for this project back in the 70s and it has been his goal to portray Poe "not as a dour dipsomaniac, but as a rogue, a real rake." Now that the details of financing and distribution are settled (it seems that Stallone will be footing much of the bill himself), Sly has his eye on Robert Downey, Jr. to play the role of everyone's favorite goth.
9 Responses to "Stallone Takes on Poe"

by brooklyn on

This could be good ...When I first read this, I was trying to picture Stallone as Poe. Getting the obvious jokes about "Yo Lenore!" out of the way ... I am glad to hear Robert Downey Jr. is the choice instead. I think this could actually work.

by Rubiao on

Stallone is one of the most perplexing individuals in the film business, as he appears to be a mongoloid, yet writes his own movies. And I am still amazed that his title character John Rambo was named after a French poet Jean Rimbaud.

by singlemalt on

I think Stallone gets a bad rap. Rocky was a hell of a movie. And I thnk I liked Nighthawks. And he did that mountain climbing movie.(crickets chirping)So. . . yeah.

by Billectric on

and not Johnny DeppRobert Downey, Jr. would be an excellent choice to play Poe. I hope he does it. He would bring that requisite dark side to the role.

by brooklyn on

Rubaio -- is that true that Rambo was named after Rimbaud? I always wondered. The pronunciation is the same.I agree that Stallone must be a very smart guy. "Rocky" had some good writing and thoughtful acting. I wouldn't object to Stallone playing Poe based on his brains ... but he sure doesn't look right for the role. I don't think Poe was pumped up.

by Billectric on

Here's one of my favorite lines from a Rocky movie. It is very subtle but it shows Sylvester Stallone's talent as a writer and and observer of human traits.Rocky is training someone. The trainee is taking too many punches from his opponent. Rocky says "There ain't no law to duck...".This line tells a story, and that story is:Sometime in the past, when Rocky was being trained by the cocky, sharp-tongued Mickey (Burgess Meredith), Mickey probably said to Rocky, "You're letting him hit you too often! There's no law against ducking, y'know!"So Rocky is really trying to say the same thing, but it comes out, "There ain't no law to duck!" But you know what he really means.

by Rog on

DowneyI thought Downey was excellent as Charlie Chaplin. He was even good in Less Than Zero, although he didn't quite make up for Andrew McCarthy. I can't think of somebody better to portray Poe.

by jymwrite on

Why not Johnny? If they hurry & don't let johnny get out of the Willy Wonka suit that's pretty much the wardrobe right there.

by brooklyn on

I think it takes a smart guy to act dumb, and that's what Stallone is.That's a good Rocky bit. I like best the part in Rocky I where he climbs the stairs, just because my girlfriend and I once recreated that moment. Also the part in Rocky III when Burgess Meredith is screaming at Rocky about how bad he is.