Douglas Coupland: ‘I Love Lego!’

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I guess when you're a successful novelist you can do whatever the hell you want, including building an idealized imaginary city from Legos. Coupland's latest construction project, Super City, will open June 9 at The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. There will also be a limited edition book to accompany the exhibit.

There are only a few photos on Coupland's site relating to this story, however, my daughter was kind enough to offer this dramatization of how the exhibit might appear. If anyone makes it to the real exhibit (which will run through November), we'd love for you to tell us all about it.
5 Responses to "Douglas Coupland: ‘I Love Lego!’"

by Billectric on

wha - ?Is this like, a real city or a model? Are they going to have a Starbucks? You've left many questions unanswered. Having examined the dramatization, I have someone here who wants to run for Sheriff.

by I'mhep on

X-GI read his first novel, it's sorta intersting that I read it around the time I moved to the place it was about, Palm Springs Calif. Anyway I suppose I wanted to be up on the "X-generation" considering that I came out of the one before, "the sixties", I wanted to see what was going on since. Can't say that I have read any of his subsequent books though. That book stuck in my mind more for the views of "slackers" and "MacJobs" was it? I don't know what the deal about being a successful novelist is, butI suppose it's like any kind of success, first it sucks, then it's like a cess pool and a chaiseloungeof course. Seriously though,I think my first poetic novel is better than his first novel, so there! (the dif is that he getspublished.)

by stevadore on

He's whackedI checked out his website and boy is this guy nuts! I can't figure him out at all.I guess that's what he wants, though.

by firecracker on

But it's a very Lego world! Actually, I'm just jealous -- because we only have the one bucket of Legos here.

by brooklyn on

Whacked, yeah ... but I like it a lot. It's nice to see a writer like Coupland pushing the envelope. Words are the building blocks of literature, but I guess Lego is a building block in a different way. Maybe I'll get to work on my city too.