I See Dead People

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If you're up for a field trip and you love taking tours that revolve around a century old murder, there's something in the works just for you! The residents of Herkimer County, NY are already planning centennial events to mark the county's most famous murder case. The story of Chester Gillette, the murder of Grace Brown and the subsequent trial became the basis for the classic American novel, An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser. July 11, 2006 marks the centennial of these events and that gives you plenty of time to plan your next summer vacation.

2 Responses to "I See Dead People"

by brooklyn on

that's a great findI had no idea this book was based on a true story. Actually, I've never read "American Tragedy" but I did see "A Place in the Sun", the movie based on the book, in which Montgomery Clift knocks young Shelley Winters off on a canoe trip for being less beautiful and rich (and more pregnant) than Elizabeth Taylor. It was a good movie. A little odd to see how this town is celebrating the tragedy now, but I guess time heals all wounds!

by Billectric on

Murder, he wroteWow, I didn't realize Dreiser's An American Tragedy was based on a true event. That was one of the books I actually did read in its entirity for an American Lit class, before time scrambled into a flurry of Cliffs Notes and fakery.