Vonnegut on Satire

Be sure to check out this interesting short interview with Kurt Vonnegut from NPR's Weekend Edition. In the featured audio clip the author talks about life, writing satire, humor in general and the importance of art and music, but stops short of mentioning Judge Judy. (You can also find a short excerpt from the upcoming A Man Without a Country, a collection of Vonnegut's essays and speeches, by visiting the NPR page as well.)
5 Responses to "Vonnegut on Satire"

by brooklyn on

What a great photoI haven't read the interview yet, but that photo alone is enough to recommend the article. I think I've mentioned before that I've spotted Kurt Vonnegut on the street twice in the last few years, both times in the same neighborhood, the East 40's in Manhattan near the United Nations (where I believe he still lives). Both times he seemed sad but extremely noble (his expression was too forbidding, both times, for me to decide to say hi). His face seemed to transmit mythic dimensions ... as it does in this picture.

by judih. on

Hang on, hang onWhat he's saying is heart-rendingly right on. How many of us are hanging on to that lush land of visualization that takes off upon the sound of words?Many can do it with music - this is being actively promoted, but the simple rhythm of the spoken word requires willing input from a listener.Gives me a thought or two to take with me into the classroom.Thanks for publishing this bit of Vonnegut, Caryn.At the next Vonnegut sighting, Levi, say hello for us all.

by singlemalt on

Hey, if you see him again, stop him and say hello, or thanks. The guy's 82 and a legend. I'd be kicking myself if I saw him and didn't say "thanks."And that interview was kind of weak. I mean, with Vonnegut, why not ask him about Bush's response to Katrina? Or why not ask him for some insight about where the country is going? Or the state of literature? Maybe the interview was edited or chopped up in some way. But it's Kurt freaking Vonnegut for God's sake. Make the most of the interview.

by brooklyn on

Well, I made eye contact with the guy, and I think he read the "thanks" in my face. Somehow I was sure he was busy composing some new text in his head and I didn't want to interrupt him. I got the feeling -- I may be right or wrong -- that he hits the sidewalks as part of his creative process.

by Billectric on

He's lucky I'm not there to badger him.No, just kidding. But seriously, maybe he isn't as sad as he looks.