Have Yourself a Very WSB Christmas

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Don't say we didn't try to help you in your holiday gift giving this year ...

Back in May we reported on the Beat Garage Sale that featured numerous beat-related artifacts, memorabilia and items from and by William S. Burroughs. If you weren't able to make it out to Kansas for the event, you're in luck. Patricia Elliot, longtime friend of Burroughs, now has the remaining items online for your perusal and purchase. You can even pick up a Burroughs' original Christmas card, just in time for the holidays. Or perhaps a t-shirt, signed AND shot by WSB is more your style. There are many other interesting items, ranging from posters to books to letters. Even if you've spent all your money already on Furbys, fruitcakes and McDonald's Arch cards -- it's worth the click just to browse, especially if you're a WSB fan.
3 Responses to "Have Yourself a Very WSB Christmas"

by Billectric on

Stocking Stuffers!Some of these will fit nicely in my nylon stockings!WhooHooo !

by brooklyn on

Stockings brimming over with spent bullets -- oh yeah! WSB would have approved.

by beatp on

video of wsb, coolThere is a great home video of William on http://www.lawrence.com/Its at the bottom of the page. I especially liked all the scenes where David Ohle is cooking in the background. It was great to see it. Wayne Propst put it out. Really nice to hear the old man go on. I think it is Steve Buscemi playing in William chair. It reminded me of a hundred nights. Patricia